Formed Wood Case

The shaped plywood cases are formed around the curves and bends of the product going into the case for a perfect, unique fit. The outside of the case can be covered in rugged Tolex or fabric with sleek metal hardware. This solution is perfect for medium duty traveling and storage, and provides a traditional styling and feel.
  • Formed/Shaped Plywood Construction

  • Rugged Tolex or Fabric Outer Material Options

  • Metal Hardware Options

  • Perfect for Guitars and Band Instruments

Unit Strength : Medium
Unit Weight : Medium
Unit Cost : Medium
  • Medium Duty Transport
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Additional information


Formed Plywood, Tolex

Strength & Weight

Medium Strength / Medium Weight

Impact Resistance

Medium Impact Resistance

Finish Quality

Metal Hardware, Non-Woven Fabric, Tolex


Interior Storage, Medium Duty Transport, Personal Travel

Typical Products

Band / Orchestral Cases, Classical Instrument Cases, Shaped Guitar Case, String Instrument Cases

Tooling Cost (low-high)


MOQ (low-high)


Unit Cost


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