Poly Foam

The lightweight fabric over EPS foam design provides a lightweight yet rigid combination for sturdy protection without the bulkiness of a hard case. The interior can be customized with foam or a wood frame while the exterior can be designed with various handles, straps, storage compartments and wheels.
  • Hybrid Bag/Case Solution

  • Provides Highest level of Protection for the Lightweight Styles

  • Lightweight Fabric over EPS Foam or Wood Frame

  • Several Exterior Options Available for Hardware and Storage

Unit Strength : Low
Unit Weight : Low
Unit Cost : Low
  • Great for lightweight travel
  • Water Resistant Materials Available
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Additional information


EPS Foam, Polyester

Strength & Weight

Low Strength / Low Weight

Impact Resistance

Low-Medium Impact Resistance Depending On Foam Options

Finish Quality

Woven Fabric


Indoor Storage, Light Transport, Light Travel, Personal Carrying

Typical Products

Lightweight Instrument Cases

Tooling Cost (low-high)


MOQ (low-high)


Unit Cost


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