Vietnam Manufacturing


Gator Vietnam’s diverse manufacturing capabilities and experience offer high value and results for any industry. We are a Vietnam direct business that produces superior, quality products from various materials, including ABS and HDPE plastic, using different capabilities such as injection molding, vacuum, and thermal forming.

Every step is closely monitored and held to the highest quality standards. Our Vietnam services include manufacturing, design, and logistics to deliver a complete and custom solution to your needs.

Our factory, located in Binh Duong, Vietnam, has several different injection molding machines ranging from 150 to 500 tons, in addition to thermoformed EVA, poly foam, and vacuum forming.

We understand every customer has unique needs, and our highly skilled experts are committed to delivering the highest level of service and product to grow your business and exceed your expectations.



The injection molded, pad-lockable cases endure the elements as well as the rigors of the road with an impact-proof lightweight NK-7 Resin, water and dust-proof IP 67 Certification, and Mil-STD-810F Immersion Test Certification. Several options include our patented Easy Release Powerclaw Latching System, built-in air pressure release valve, and soft-grip handles.

  • Injection Molded ABS Plastic Construction
  • Solid Plastic Parts
  • Perfect for Extreme Outdoor Environments
  • Empty Shell or Custom Interiors Available


The molded EVA case style provides a moderate rigidity for the next step up in protection from a bag. Various stylish external textures and colors and several interior options, including foam nests and custom operational interiors, are available. Low tooling costs and a large assortment of hardware options make this a perfect solution when you want to include a significant amount of detailed customization.
  • EVA Foam Construction with PU or Polyester Covering
  • Can be Finished in Woven or Non-Woven Fabrics
  • Several Stylish Exterior Textures and Colors Available
  • Can be Designed with a Foam Nest or Customized Operational Interior
  • Low Tooling Costs Allow Detailed Customization


The lightweight fabric over EPS foam design provides a lightweight yet rigid combination for sturdy protection without the bulkiness of a hard case. The interior can be customized with foam or a wood frame, while the exterior can be designed with various handles, straps, storage compartments, and wheels.
  • Hybrid Bag/Case Solution
  • Provides Highest level of Protection for the Lightweight Styles
  • Lightweight Fabric over EPS Foam or Wood Frame
  • Several Exterior Options Available for Hardware and Storage


The vacuum-formed plastic case offers medium impact resistance without the extra weight of a heavy-duty case. The cases can be constructed of lightweight plastic such as ABS or the extremely durable HDPE. Our plastic extrusion process allows us to provide various colors and textures while keeping tooling costs lower than injection or blow molded cases. Finish customizing the case with interior foam inserts and various hardware options.
  • Lightweight Plastic Molded Cases Utilizing Both ABS and HDPE Plastic
  • Gator’s Plastic Extrusion Process Allows Various Color and Texture Options
  • Interiors are Customizable with Foam Inserts
  • Low Tooling Costs Compared to Injection or Blow Molded Cases
  • Several Hardware Options Such as Locking Twist Latches, Tow-Handles, and Wheels