• The shaped plywood cases are formed around the curves and bends of the product going into the case for a perfect, unique fit. The outside of the case can be covered in rugged Tolex or fabric with sleek metal hardware. This solution is perfect for medium duty traveling and storage, and provides a traditional styling and feel.
    • Formed/Shaped Plywood Construction
    • Rugged Tolex or Fabric Outer Material Options
    • Metal Hardware Options
    • Perfect for Guitars and Band Instruments
    Unit Strength : Medium
    Unit Weight : Medium
    Unit Cost : Medium
    • Medium Duty Transport
  • The vacuum formed plastic case offers a medium impact resistance without the extra weight of a heavy-duty case. The cases can be constructed of lightweight plastic such as ABS or the extremely durable HDPE. Our plastic extrusion process allows us to provide various colors and textures while keeping tooling costs lower than injection or blow molded cases. Finish customizing the case with interior foam inserts and various hardware options.
    • Lightweight Plastic Molded Cases Utilizing Both ABS and HDPE Plastic
    • Gator's Plastic Extrusion Process Allows Various Color and Texture Options
    • Interiors are Customizable with Foam Inserts
    • Low Tooling Costs Compared to Injection or Blow Molded Cases
    • Several Hardware Options Such as Locking Twist Latches, Tow-Handles and Wheels
    Unit Strength : Medium
    Unit Weight : Low
    Unit Cost : Medium
    • Great for lightweight travel
    • Medium Duty Transport
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